Criminal Court


Criminal Court Rules 


(Click Here) 2007 Memo from PJ; LR 114 & 120

(Click Here) 2009 Administrative Order – Livescan Fees

(Click Here) L-117 Coverage; Issuing Warrants … Accepting Bail

(Click Here) L-507 Police Complaints Approved by DA

(Click Here) L-520 Bail Before Verdict

(Click Here) L-543 Disposition of Case at Preliminary Hearing (Live Scan)


Criminal Court Forms


(Click Here) Application for Continuance

(Click Here) Attorney Appearance

(Click Here) Change of Address – Defendant

(Click Here) Petition to Proceed In forma Pauperis

(Click Here) Summary Appeal

(Click Here) Waiver of Arraignment (may not be used for DUI Court)


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