Farmland Preservation




The Butler County Office of Farmland Preservation was formed in March 2017 to assume the responsibilities of the Farmland Preservation Program.




Butler County’s Farmland Preservation Program is a state-approved agricultural conservation easement purchase program. For landowners wishing to participate and if chosen, allows them to preserve their valuable agricultural lands for future generations. For nearly 30 years the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has partnered with 58 participating counties to protect 5,428 farms (as of 2018) through this program. In Butler County as of the end of 2018, 56 farms have been preserved with 6,096 acres.


The Butler County Agricultural Land Preservation Board is appointed by the Board of Butler County Commissioners to carry out the program, accepting applications, ranking farms on a number of established criteria and making the choices each year on the highest-ranking farms to be chosen for the program based on available funding. Chosen farms are then submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Farmland Preservation for their board approval.


The future of agriculture in Butler County looks brighter and more diverse than ever as it continues to evolve. We are always interested in your thoughts and ideas so that moving forward we can continually work on ways in which to help you maintain your farm as an environmentally sound and economically viable entity. Please feel free to reach out to this office whenever you have ideas or questions about our programs.


If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in participating in this program, please contact this office at 724.284.5305 or click on the icons below to review program guidelines or print an  application. Our application period runs January 1st-January 31st each year.



John Allen

Larry Baumgartel

Eugene Berbigler

Robert Burr, Secretary

William Duncan, Vice Chairman

Luke Fritz

Ken Moniot, Chairman

Rick Stuchal

Alvin Vogel

Sheryl Kelly, Director of Farmland Preservation

Kim Geyer, Ex-Officio


(Click Here) To view or download the Farmland Preservation Application


(Click Here) To view or download the Farmland Preservation Guidelines