This is an in depth look at what common services we provide. We would also like to give you, the user, an idea of how the process works to make things run faster. For this reason, a basic outline of the most common procedures that this office encounters will be shown on this page.
If you would like to view a listing of all of the services we provide, check the homepage.
The Prothonotary's Office is where all civil division (non-criminal) records are kept on a permanent bases.  When you come into our office, you will find all records indexed in terms of Name and Case Number. The four public computers are available for use free of charge. If you wish to print information, there is a fee of fifty cents per page.
Our office is open to the general public, attorneys, abstractors and others to obtain information. On occasion, some sensitive records are sealed by Order of Court. These sealed records can only be opened by Order of Court.
We became computerized in April 1993 and we began scanning records into the computer in April 2001. If you would like to view actual records and pleadings at home, you must contact Infocon to see how this may be accomplished.  You may visit their website by clicking



Appeal of Driver License Suspension

   We do not have forms for your use. You may either contact a lawyer or visit the law library found in the courthouse.

Complaint in Civil Action

   The original filing is kept by our office. We will certify extra copies for service (delivery to the other side ) and will follow your instructions about returning the certified copies to you or taking the certified copies, sheriff’s instructions, and sheriff’s fees to the sheriff’s office for you.

Complaint in Mortgage Foreclosure

    The original filing is kept by our office. We always look for a complete description  of the property. We will certify extra copies for service and will follow your instructions about returning the certified copies to you or taking the certified copies, sheriff’s instructions, and sheriff’s fees to the sheriff’s office for you.

Divorce and Annulment

   We recommend that you see an attorney rather than attempting to use forms bought at a bookstore or found on the Internet. Butler County Rules of Civil Procedure are very specific and are not the same as Rules from other counties. The law library is available for research if you still choose to do this work yourself. On the cost portion of the mortgage foreclosure, it is not appropriate to include court costs or sheriffs' costs.


    Our naturalization records are open to the public when the office is open. Our books are online for those who use Infocom. As we are able, we will answer questions. Some of the very old records are stored in secured mines. You may find items that you wish to research, but they are in the mines. We go to the mines infrequently, so be prepared to leave your name, information required, and contact instructions so we are able to report back to you.

No Lien Contract

   The original signed contract is kept in our office. We will time stamp additional copies for you when you bring or mail them in. We must have the township, county, state and address of the building as well as plan book and tax map. We appreciate return envelopes. Carefully check to be sure that the name(s) listed match(es the signature(s)).


   There are four things necessary to bring into our office. 

  1. Certified Birth Certificate from the state where you were born. Do not bring a “Notice of Birth Registration” or a Hospital Certificate. It must be from the state.

  2. Driver’s License – not a temporary license.

  3. Two identical passport photos.

  4. Bring your checkbook as we require at least one check or money order to send to the passport agency. The Prothonotary office fee can be cash, check or money order. We prefer that you write the check in our office so we can determine the correct amount depending on the date of departure.

More information can be found on the Department of State website. This is found on our Contacts Page.

Petition for change of Name

   We do not have these forms directly for your use. You may either contact a lawyer or visit the law library found in the basement of the old courthouse.

Protection From Abuse (PFA)

   These cases are generally started first thing in the morning in the Domestic Relations Department. Once the cases are opened, the files are maintained in our office. More information about getting started can be found in the Family Court department.
   When PFA cases have had the Final Hearing, court costs are assigned to
the Defendant or are waived at the discretion of the Court. We send a statement of costs with a date due as soon as we have the fees.  Our office maintains these cost records, too. We follow up until these costs are paid.

Research on Liens and Judgments against individuals and businesses

   Our office is open to the public to check this information, however when you do the research yourself, you can not be as sure of the information as you would be if you had an abstracter research it for you. We will help you as we are able.



Although the Prothonotary has cross trained individuals on each part of the workload, certain cases are handled by certain individuals. Each employee answers phones and assists with questions or problems presented by attorneys or the general public. We are all able to use the Russell Index and locate old information in the books that were used before computerization.
We are the Lawyer Referral Service for Butler County. A list of Attorneys will be given to you free of charge. It states the attorneys’ demographic information as well as the areas of law in which they specialize. This list is also found on the Prothonotary "forms" page.
In general, if you still can not find an answer to your question please call our office.